Key area: personnel management

Getting the numbers right

Every company wants to have the necessary staff in the required number, with the required qualifications, at the required time. However, with fewer younger people to fill posts and older employees retiring from the workplace, there is a shortage of skilled workers and executives. Companies therefore need to find a suitable mix of measures to attract new staff and retain existing employees. Alongside trying to find staff internally and externally with new innovative approaches, companies’ increasingly flat hierarchies also require alternative pathways with scope for flexible careers beyond classic leadership positions. Any decisions in this regard should be based on an analysis of the company’s age structure. This will show the age groups that are currently heavily represented or that will be in future.

Age structure

  • Distribution of age groups
  • Share of staff aged 45+
  • Retirements

Career and development paths

  • Market-oriented development needs
  • Appraisal interviews
  • Career prospects

New staff and loyalty

  • Recruiting junior staff and skilled workers
  • Cooperation
  • Incentives for employees

Individual lifestyles

  • Work/life balance
  • Leave and sabbaticals
  • Transition to retirement