Quotes from satisfied companies


Our aim is satisfied companies.
Many of them have given us positive feedback. Find some of this feedback here:

Autocenter Mühlbacher

Demographic Consulting helped the car centre located in Kufstein, Tyrol, to find two new apprentices in August 2018 – despite the persistent shortage of skilled workers and apprentices. Managing director Lisa Mühlbacher’s motivation to use Demographic Consulting was to get someone to look at her problems from the outside. “When you want your company to develop it is helpful to get fresh input from experts on the outside.”

Link to the interview with managing director Lisa Mühlbacher (available in German).

FB Ketten Handelsgesellschaft

“We produce and sell conveyor and driving chains for sawmills, paper and pulp mills, cement and asphalt plants, steel mills and the food industry. We wanted recognised demographics experts to advise us on basic and advanced training within and outside our company. We were also supported in our search for apprentices. We found the tips on dealing with Generation Z very helpful. We think that the measures developed with Demographic Consulting will boost our overall competitiveness.”

Thomas Wagner, managing director

Gemeinnützige Mürz-Ybbs Siedlungsanlagen GmbH GEMYSAG

“We worked on our team values during our demographic consulting sessions. This has helped us greatly, in keeping with our motto ‘Team spirit makes us strong’. With our new team value spokespersons, we are now steadily building on our internal potential for improvement in all our departments. We can highly recommend Demographic Consulting to other companies.”

Managing director Hans-Peter Korntheuer, works council chair Bernard Gradisar

Hotel & Villa Auersperg

“The measures we identified in the course of our demographic consulting sessions last year have created a great atmosphere of openness and clarity in all our departments. Our communication is so much more positive and the entire working environment much improved. During the summer, at the time of the Salzburg Festival, our whole team was exceptionally positive and our employees happy with their jobs, and this satisfaction rubbed off on our guests too.
Thank you very, very much for your great support and help.”

Bettina Wiesinger, owner of Hotel & Villa Auersperg

Kaindlbauer Steinbau GesmbH

“I’d say we now have a certain edge over our competitors,” says Josef Kaindlbauer when asked whether the measures suggested by Demographic Consulting have helped him be more competitive. Link to the interview with the Kaindlbauer brothers.

lanmedia Werbeagentur

“Sandra Gneist’s commitment during our company’s use of Demographic Consulting was exceptional. Thanks to the demographic advice we received, we were optimally prepared for our expansion and both my staff and I, as owner, were supported in our individual life stages to ensure we are and remain fit for the future.”

Andreas Lanner, lanmedia advertising agency

Pflege mit Herz

“We at Pflege mit Herz Betriebs GmbH manage four care homes in Styria. We want to be a good and attractive workplace for our employees. During our demographic consulting sessions we identified potential for improvement, found the right solutions together and were able to implement them too. Our special thanks go to demographics expert Waltraud Pratter for her exceedingly professional advice, appreciative communication style and didactic preparation.”

Monika Mühlbacher, head of nursing

Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH (PCCL)

“We were able to clearly define the tasks, interfaces and resources of our staff in our demographic consulting sessions, and are now motivated to work together to develop further and achieve our vision for 2024.”

Managing director Dr. Elisabeth Ladstätter and her dedicated team

Swing Kitchen

“In the course of our demographic consulting sessions we found out what our large team at the Swing Kitchen Restaurants would like to improve, and we then started working on these improvements in detail together with our demographic experts Alma Kapllanaj and Stefanie Kritzner. We were not only able to optimise our training plans but also to prepare clear job descriptions for the various positions and improve our feedback culture, which definitely brought us more transparency and greater team satisfaction.”

Sarah Hofmann, supervisor Operations

Sparkasse Neunkirchen

“We had excellent discussions, on the basis of which we worked on our HR positioning, strengthening our team spirit, career paths for women, knowledge transfer and employer branding.
I would heartily recommend Demographic Consulting to any company. It is always worthwhile obtaining external advice.”

Gertrude Schwebisch, Sparkasse Neunkirchen management board


“I would like to express my sincere thanks for your dedication and professionalism. Your advice has given our organisation a healthy push forward, and resulted in a markedly improved working atmosphere and clearly more motivated staff. For me as site manager, this new-found clarity has helped me greatly during HR-related appraisals and decision-making, or when faced with other strategic decisions.”

Michael Wagner (managing director at the WAGNER CONSULT engineering firm) in an email to his demographics consultant after completion of the programme

Szymanski & Partner

“Demographics consultant Sandra Gneist has made our company even more productive with her skilful questioning technique. She is a master in the art of asking the right person the right question.”

Daniel Szymanski, managing director Szymanski & Partner insurance brokers

Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel

“The intensive and sustained sessions have had a positive impact on many areas of our company. A fresh perspective from the outside, expert advice and the trust-based relationship the experts were able to build with our employees and executives have shown us many new pathways. Specifically with regard to communication, we were able to build new bridges and make our teams stronger across many areas.
The results of the evaluations are immediately usable and realistic, and they gave us the push we needed to make our company fit for the future.
Thank you very much for your valuable support.”

Lena Vogel, Director of Human Resources

DaMe Technische Produkte e.V.

“We can absolutely recommend this professional support to every company. As well as providing highly competent advice, the experts were also empathetic and sympathetic.
Sincere thanks for your many valuable inputs.”

Dagmar Dalkilic, head of office

Das Seepark Wörthersee Resort

“Our employees are our most valuable assets, which is why it was a natural decision for us to be part of the demographic consulting process. Together with Sandra Gneist we organised an open space for our whole team. In the process the importance of flexible working times became very clear. Together with all our departments we worked on new approaches to being as flexible and innovative as possible in the hotel market. This makes our employees feel appreciated, and sets another positive example in the tourism industry.”

Tanja Blank, hotel director

Denn’s – Biomarkt

“The demographic consulting sessions have made us question our internal structures and processes. We benefited from the objective outside view and have ultimately introduced appropriate measures to remain an attractive employer in the fiercely competitive labour market. Our special thanks go to Christine Marie Moore, who always asked the right question at the right time, and who drove the process forward sensitively and efficiently.”

Brigitte Nagy, head of personnel and administration

Busch Austria GmbH

“During our demographic consulting sessions we took a closer look at our processes, values and sharing of knowledge within our company. Our management team worked intensively on this, finally initiating an employee participation scheme. Our consultant Christine Moore gave us a useful outside view of our company, and we were able to discuss interesting and insightful questions of organisational development. We look forward to our continued sessions and to making further progress on sharing knowledge across departments.”

Karl Blümel, managing director and general manager

Restaurant Tuttendörfl

“Thanks to the demographic advice we were given, we were able to strengthen our foundation in good time based on our new guiding principle that we devised together.
We know most of our weaknesses, but we were often unable to rectify them. We therefore would like to thank our demographics consultant Andrea Pachschwöll for her outside view and expert support during the implementation of all our measures.
Her demographic advice helped us to boost our team spirit at Restaurant Tuttendörfl by working together on expressing our company values, a very positive outcome especially in difficult times.

WE are strong TOGETHER, never forgetting that there is no I in team.

Restaurant Tuttendörfl is a long-established company with high quality standards. With the valuable input we were given in the area of competent and modern-day management, we were able to increase employee participation. We therefore hope that our company will continue to be successful and our employees will remain loyal to us even during times when skilled labour is in short supply. The greatest benefit we reaped from the sessions are the new skills and potential of our employees, our intergenerational knowledge transfer, and the fact that our employees are now motivated to be more self-reliant, particularly regarding their health.”

Günther Gass jun.

Radkersburger Hof

“With 450 employees, Radkersburger Hof is one of the largest employers in south-east Styria. Taking account of demographic changes, and all of the associated challenges and opportunities, is therefore essential in planning and controlling our future. Ms Waltraud Pratter skillfully and carefully led us through the whole procss, and we would wholeheartedly reccomend Demographic Consulting and its services.”

Klaus Pilz, managing director

MLS Personaldienstleistung GmbH

“MLS Personaldienstleistung GmbH is the largest temporary employment agency in Styria and was given the opportunity to take part in the Demographic Consulting programme. We picked three areas to focus on during our consulting sessions. The programme was professionally implemented and our two demographics experts Ms Pratter and Mr Thenikl gave us excellent and competent advice, and we can safely say that we are benefitting from all of the measures introduced. We therefore highly recommend Demographic Consulting to any company. Take advantage of the chance to hear external expert opinions and views, particularly when they come from these two experts.”

Frank Paizoni, managing director

Swiss Life Select Österreich GmbH

“The demographic advice we were given not only brought us many important findings, but also started us off on our process of change, helping our company to be well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. We were thus able to pull through during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic and to create a stable basis for the future.”

Michael Ziller, head of human resources